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Materials Management

Myriad products are consumed by the UNCG campus community on a daily basis. Disposal of these materials has financial, social, and environmental costs. Greenhouse gases, other pollutants, and waste are generated during every phase of an object’s lifespan, from the energy expended to extract resources, to their manufacture and transport, and eventually to their disposal. Our greenhouse gas inventories reveal that just the paper purchased annually by the University contributes an average of 136 tons of CO2 annually.

To help you think conscientiously about your choices, UNCG has an environmentally friendly purchasing policy, campus community education programs, and expanded recycling efforts that help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills as well as reduce emissions from decomposition and embodied energy. All Multi-Functional Devices (MFD's) on the Systel MPS program are set to default duplex printing to reduce paper use and expenses across campus. Sustainable products are featured first in our punch out catalogs in eMarketplace, one of which is TreeZero office paper that is in our Office Depot punch out catalog. This paper is made from sugar cane waste; previously such waste was burned and not used in any manner. The long term goal for materials management in the Climate Action Plan is for UNCG to become a zero-waste campus.

Purchasing Tips

  • ❖ Is it durable and will it last a long time?
  • ❖ Are raw materials being extracted to make it?
  • ❖ Does it contain recycled content?
  • ❖ Can it be recycled?
  • ❖ What maintenance is offered / required?
  • ❖ Does it save water?
  • ❖ Does it save energy?
  • ❖ Is it available in bulk?
  • ❖ How far will it be shipped?
  • ❖ Are there equivalent options with less packaging?
  • ❖ Is it from a “Certified B Corporation”?

Look for These Logos

Look for these EPA Logos