The Sustainability Faculty Fellowship Program aims to enhance UNCG’s sustainability by encouraging the integration of sustainability in innovative research, teaching, and service around sustainability across the campus. Sustainability Faculty Fellows (SFFs) will partner with the Academic Sustainability Coordinator (ASC) to further academic sustainability in three areas: research, teaching, and/or leadership/outreach.

Questions about the program can be directed to the Academic Sustainability Coordinator, Dr. Etsuko Kinefuchi at


Academic Sustainability Coordinator

The mission of the Academic Sustainability Coordinator is to lead the development of sustainability in the academic trust by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of sustainability outreach, teaching, and research activities at UNCG.


Etsuko Kinefuchi, Associate Professor of Communication Studies. Research interests include critical inter/cultural communication, ecology and culture, ecofeminism, critical discourse analysis, social movement, cultural identities, multiculturalism and pedagogy, transnationalism and diaspora, building intercultural alliances.





Sustainability Faculty Fellows

The mission of the Sustainability Faculty Fellowship Program is to promote collaboration among scholarly disciplines in order to encourage the integration of sustainability in research and teaching across the campus. Up to six Sustainability Faculty Fellows (SFFs) will partner with the ASC to further academic sustainability in the areas of Leadership/Outreach, Teaching, and Research.



Sarah Dorsey, Head, Harold Schiffman Music Library. Creator of the Sustainability Film Series and Sustainability Shorts Competition; organizations community Green Drinks events; organizes a community sustainability listserve; and more



 Justin Harmon, Assistant Professor of Community and Therapeutic Recreation. Research interests include music and life course development, music fan communities, ecotherapy and natural environments as healing mechanisms, recreation interventions post-diagnosis of cancer, and the role of dogs in leisure.



Channelle James, Lecturer of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism. Research interests include social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation, entrepreneurship in under-represented groups, women as entrepreneurs, immigrant entrepreneurship, and international entrepreneurship.


Meredith Powers, Assistant Professor of Social Work. Research interests include professional socialization of social workers, ecological justice, and university-community partnerships for sustainability. She currently serves on the Environmental Justice Committee for the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).




Malcolm Schug – Associate Professor of Biology. Research interests are in the field of in the field of evolutionary genetics and animal behavior; and is interested in interested in the interactions between natural selection, migration, genetic drift, and chromosomal crossing-over during adaptation and speciation.