Applications due March 28, 2017:

Academic Sustainability Coordinator & Sustainability Faculty Fellows AY2017-18

ASC_SFF Call 2017


Academic Sustainability Coordinator

The mission of the Academic Sustainability Coordinator is to lead the development of sustainability in the academic trust by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of sustainability outreach, teaching, and research activities at UNCG.


Marianne LeGreco – Associate Professor of Communications. Research interests include health and organizational communication, food policy, community engagement, and discourse analysis.



Sustainability Faculty Fellows

The mission of the Sustainability Faculty Fellowship Program is to promote collaboration among scholarly disciplines in order to encourage the integration of sustainability in research and teaching across the campus. Up to six Sustainability Faculty Fellows (SFFs) will partner with the ASC to further academic sustainability in the areas of Leadership/Outreach, Teaching, and Research.


Amanda Gale – Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture. Research interests include environmental education, sustainable design credentialing, emerging professional career preparation, indoor environmental quality in educational settings, interior lighting design, and environmental psychology.



Malcolm Schug – Associate Professor of Biology. Research interests are in the field of in the field of evolutionary genetics and animal behavior; and is interested in interested in the interactions between natural selection, migration, genetic drift, and chromosomal crossing-over during adaptation and speciation.



Sarah Dorsey – Head, Harold Schiffman Music Library. Creator of the Sustainability Film Series and Sustainability Shorts Competition; organizations community Green Drinks events; organizes a community sustainability listserve; and more.



  Channelle James




Gwen Hunnicut Associate Professor of Sociology. Research interests include gender violence, feminist studies, ecofeminism, contemplative practices in higher education, and meditation as a tool to reduce aggression and promote non-violence. At UNCG Gwen is working to increase access to plant-based foods on campus and to promulgate the environmental and health benefits of a plant based diet.


 Justin Harmon Assistant Professor of Community and Therapeutic Recreation. Research interests include music and life course development, music fan communities, ecotherapy and natural environments as healing mechanisms, recreation interventions post-diagnosis of cancer, and the role of dogs in leisure.




Meredith Powers


Stephen Holland  Professor in the Department of Economics.  My research currently focuses on understanding the environmental impacts of electric vehicles.  As a Sustainability Faculty Fellow, I am coordinating a series of Conversations on Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investing.