UNC Greensboro

Campus Nature Challenge

The goal of the Campus Nature Challenge at UNC Greensboro is to engage our community in a citizen science project to increase biodiversity awareness by photographing, recording audio, and cataloging the plants, animals (including insects), and fungi on campus.

For one week (April 5-11, 2021), UNCG students and employees will be asked to use the iNaturalist app to identify as many species across campus as they can. Supported by a grant from the UNCG Green Fund, student participants will be eligible to win prizes including a bicycle, tent, hammock, and gift cards which will be awarded for the most observations identified, the greatest number of species identified, and best photos. While only students are eligible to win prizes, UNCG employees are still encouraged to participate in the project. See the full list of prizes and official guidelines at the bottom of this page.

This project builds off of the work of the UNCG Biology Department, which runs and monitors two wetlands on campus on iNaturalist. Visit our website for official guidelines.

The event is finished.