UNC Greensboro

The Impact of Human-Activity on Urban Bats

The Sustainability Lecture and Dialogue Series features UNCG researchers addressing issues integral to building thriving communities.

Dr. Rada Petric is a field biologist with broad interests in animal behavior, neuroendocrinology, and conservation. Her research interests focus on how external and internal stimuli alter individual behaviors and the potential consequences of those changes. Currently, she is assessing the effects of natural and restored wetlands on biodiversity and how urbanization pressures with concomitants pollution may alter bat species presence and activity. Using non-invasive methods, such as acoustics and video imaging, she addresses interdisciplinary questions related to conservation and animal behavior.

“When we gain a better understanding of animal behaviors,” says Dr. Petric, “we enhance our ability to address pressing conservation issues, especially those related to the preservation of threatened or endangered species and their environment.”

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