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The UNCG Green Fund Committee is pleased to invite proposals from UNCG students and employees for efforts that support sustainability initiatives at UNCG.

Projects may be for campus infrastructure, sustainability education, research, or professional development that benefits students. The tangible benefits of all funded projects must be distributed in a manner that they are reasonably expected to accrue to UNCG students.

For the FY22 academic year, in addition to projects that help meet the goals of the UNCG Climate Action Plan, proposals that address one of the following categories are encouraged:

Just Sustainabilities - proposals that educate, explore, or advance topics of racial justice and social equity at UNCG and surrounding communities that promote sustainable development.

Sustainability Education and Outreach - proposals that call for the participation of scholars and community members in sustainability initiatives at UNCG.

This is a prioritization, not a limitation. The Committee will still consider projects that address other issues. All projects must still have an element related to sustainability.

The application deadline is at 5 p.m. on the 1st day of the month during the following months within the academic year: September, October, November, February, March, and April. Applications requesting more than $1,000 will be accepted on March 1st and April 1st during the spring semester of 2022 (updated 2/14/22). The Committee does not review proposals during the winter and summer breaks. Applicants can expect a decision on the funding outcome of their proposal within four weeks after submission given the applications are received by the deadline. Funds may not be used as reimbursement for projects already completed, therefore a realistic amount of lead time should be given in order for proposals to be eligible for review.

Applicants must either be able to carry out their proposed activities on their own or have secured commitment from an appropriate campus department sufficient as a partner in implementing the project, including financial aspects. All proposals submitted by students must have a commitment from a UNCG faculty or staff member to supervise the proposed project. Commitments from partnering units must be evidenced by a signature on proposals. Carrying out a project includes ensuring that the project follows all applicable campus policies and procedures for student fee monies as well as any State and Federal laws, including but not limited to ensuring the Green Fund student fee monies are not commingled with university general operating funds and that full documentation of expenditures are assembled for financial auditing purposes.

Any proposal for modifications to campus grounds or facilities must go through the Facilities Design & Construction (FDC) review process prior to making an application to the Green Fund. In that process, FDC staff will bring into the project review process appropriate staff from Facilities Operations, Environmental Health & Safety, Parking Operations, etc. who can help identify issues, solutions, opportunities, and costs. This process can potentially take several months from start to finish for even the smallest scale projects. Fund applicants should plan accordingly. FDC project review and construction services fees are the responsibility of the applicant.

Green Fund Committee

Catherine Bowlin

Ph.D. Candidate, English
I’m thrilled to serve on the Green Fund committee to learn more about sustainability and to support more sustainable practices here at UNCG. Serving on the Green Fund committee connects my research interests with my personal passion: environmental justice. I’m honored to advocate for more equitable environmental sustainability at UNCG.

Brianna Calvin

Biology & Chemistry
I am currently working with the Green Fund Committee to represent the residential student body here on campus. I am the President of the Residence Hall Association and one of our biggest priorities as an organization is to advocate for residential students. I am honored to be a voice for them. I believe it is important for the Green Fund Committee to have a member that will bring new ideas and opinions from the residents living on campus. I am pleased to be working alongside some extraordinary people on the committee. It is important to do our part as a community to make the environment more sustainable not just for UNCG but for the world.

Canaan Grant

Environmental and Sustainability Studies
I'm working with the Green Fund because I'm passionate about environmental sustainability and I want to foster more sustainable projects and initiatives on campus. I'm excited to gain new insight into what issues are most important to UNCG's student body and how we can work together to improve our campus, our city, and beyond!

Miaya Johnson

As an Human Development and Family Studies major, I am excited to serve on the Green Fund committee because I know sustainability is a significant factor to our development. We all should act as strong collaborators with our environment to protect the natural resources and improve our lifestyles. I believe this is a great way for UNCG students to take initiative and improve our environmental sustainability through project engagements. I am eager to learn more about the eco-friendly ideas and wants of the UNCG community!

Alexis King

As Secretary of Environmental Affairs for Student Government Association, it is my duty to politically represent the student voice in discussions of where their contribution to the Green Fund goes. I have been passionate about the environment since I was young and believe our university has an obligation to diligently apply sustainable initiatives. As a Global Human Rights & Languages (undergraduate) double major, I also believe sustainability advocacy must include intersectional environmental justice and indigenous empowerment. I am excited to be involved in making change to this sector of campus life!

Cameron Martin

English Studies
I believe that sustainability improves the quality of our lives and that it builds community. Serving on the Green Fund committee allows me to support a more sustainable UNCG that will build a greener community. I am eager to see what projects our campus will take on so that we can better our college community and the Greensboro community at large!

Zelena Johnson

Ph.D. Candidate, Nanonscience and Nanoengineering
My area of interest is Mycology. I work in the genomics lab with Dr. LaJeunesse and study genetic and biomechanical responses of Candida albicans (microorganisms that are part of our natural microflora) to external stimuli/stressors, in hopes of improving the treatment of Candida (fungal) infections. Being environmentally conscientious helps to sustain the planet’s ability to provide a viable environment to facilitate life, including human life. The decisions we make today affects the quality of life of future generations, and it is our obligation to ensure that the planet can nurture life for generations to come.

Theophraste "Theo" Noussi

Ph.D. Candidate, Nanonscience and Nanoengineering
I have always been passionate about sustainability and environmental protection because of my mother's dedication to Earth is a great inspiration to me. My research work in graduate school has always had an environmental angle to it. It is my way of bringing awareness to environmental issues, promoting sustainability to the general public, and helping build a healthier and safer ecosystem for the community as well as for generations to come. I am thrilled to be part of the Green Fund Program and excited about this journey.

T’Shari White (Co-Chair)

Ph.D. Candidate, Geography
I am involved with Green Fund because I believe in this organization’s goals in making UNCG a sustainable campus. Sustainable living and usage is important for all members of this university and for the necessary improvement of our natural and built environment.