Officers and Executive Committee MembersMembership RoleRepresentativeTerm of Appointment
Executive CommitteeChief Sustainability OfficerQuintal, Jorgeex officio
Executive CommitteeSustainability Coordinator for OperationsEller, Shannaex officio
Executive CommitteeAcademic Sustainability CoordinatorLeGreco, Marianneex officio
Executive CommitteeDirector of Environmental and Sustainability Studies ProgramAllen, Aaronex officio
Council Chair and Executive CommitteeOther Faculty- Library and Information StudiesHersberger, JuliaAY 2015- 2018
SecretaryGraduate Student Association President or AppointeeForrest, KaylaAY 2015- 2018
Sustainability Faculty FellowDorsey, Sarahex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowGale, Amandaex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowHolland, Stephen ex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowSchug, Malcolmex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowHunnicut, Gwen ex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowHarmon, Justin ex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowJames, Channelle ex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowPowers, Meredith ex officio
Sustainability Faculty FellowHolland, Stephenex officio
Past-Chair of the Sustainability CouncilVoorhees, Julieex officio
Student Government Association President or AppointeeMikaela PortugalAY 2016-18
Representative of the Alumni Association
Representative of AthleticsAguilar, JenniferAY 2015-18
Chair Elect Representative of Student AffairsSettle, JimAY 2015-18
Representative of Business AffairsLogan, MichaelAY 2016-18
Representative of Academic AffairsBurke, KellyAY 2016-18
Faculty Senate RepresentativeRueppell, OlavAY 2017-19
Staff Senate RepresentativeGale, JohnAY 2015-18
Representative of Information TechnologyWright, DonAY 2017-19
Representative of University AdvancementKennedy, ChesleyAY 2015-18
Faculty - Environment or ecologyHershey, AnneAY 2015-18
Faculty - Economics or Business
Faculty - Equity or social justiceKinefuchi, EtsukoAY 2015-18
Faculty - Aesthetics or cultureGale, AmandaAY 2017-19
Other Faculty - Strong CollegeBarton, AnneAY 2017-19
Other Faculty - NanoscienceLaJeunesse, Dennis AY 2015-18
Other Faculty - Public HealthLovelace, KayAY 2015-18