This list may not be complete. Please contact the academic department you are interested in for more information. If you are a UNCG faculty member and would like to be added to this list please email uncgsus(at)

NameDepartmentEmailFaculty Webpage (copy and paste link into search bar)
Ambrose Jones IIIAccounting & Financeambrose.jones.iii@uncg.edu
Susan AndreattaAnthropologys_andrea@uncg.edu
Linda Stine Anthropologylfstine@uncg.edu
Joel Gunn Anthropologyjdgunn@uncg.edu
Christopher Cassidy Artcmcassid@uncg.edu
Amy Lixl-Purcell Artamypurcell@uncg.edu
Stanley Faeth Biologyshfaeth@uncg.edu
Vincent Henrich Biologyvincent_henrich@uncg.edu
Anne Hershey BiologyAnne_Hershey@uncg.edu
Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell Biologymatina_kalcounis@uncg.edu
Bruce Kirchoff Biologykirchoff@uncg.edu
Elizabeth Lacey Biologyeplacey@uncg.edu
David Remington Biologydlreming@uncg.edu
Parke Rublee Biologyrublee@uncg.edu
Olav RueppellBiologyolav_rueppell@uncg.edu
Malcolm Schug Biologymdschug@uncg.edu
Robert Stavn Biologystavnr@uncg.edu
Tsz-Ki Tsui Biologytmtsui@uncg.edu
Gideon Wasserberg Biologyg_wasser@uncg.edu
Ann Somers Biologyabsomers@uncg.edu
Channelle James Business Administrationchannelle_james@uncg.edu
Nadja Cech Chemistry & Biochemistrynadja_cech@uncg.edu
Mitch Croatt Chemistry & Biochemistrympcroatt@uncg.edu
Liam Duffy Chemistry & Biochemistryliam_duffy@uncg.edu
Alice Haddy Chemistry & Biochemistryaehaddy@uncg.edu
Nicholas Oberlies Chemistry & Biochemistrynicholas_oberlies@uncg.edu
Robert Banks Chemistry & Biochemistryrbbanks@uncg.edu
Sharon Bracci Communication Studiesslbracci@uncg.edu
Etsuko Kinefuchi Communication Studiese_kinefu@uncg.edu
Marianne Legreco Communication Studiesmelegrec@uncg.edu
Patricia Fairfield-Artman Communication Studiespfartman@uncg.edu
Beth Barba Community Practicebeth_barba@uncg.edu
Melanie Carrico Consumer, Apparel & Retail Studiesmrcarric@uncg.edu
Seoha Min Consumer, Apparel & Retail Studiess_min@uncg.edu
Larry Lavender Dancelavender@uncg.edu
Stephen Holland Economicssphollan@uncg.edu
Albert Link Economicsal_link@uncg.edu
Karen Kilcup Englishklkilcup@uncg.edu
Hephzibah Roskelly Englishroskellh@uncg.edu
Stephen YarbroughEnglishsryarbro@uncg.edu
Keith Debbage Geographykgdebbag@uncg.edu
Corey Johnson Geographycorey_johnson@uncg.edu
Paul Knapp Geographypaknapp@uncg.edu
Michael Lewis Geographymelewis@uncg.edu
Zhi-Jun Liu Geographyz_liu@uncg.edu
Phillip Royall Geographypdroyall@uncg.edu
Roy Stine Geographyrstine@uncg.edu
Selima Sultana Geographys_sultan@uncg.edu
Susan Walcott Geographysmwalcot@uncg.edu
Jay Lennartson Geographygjlennar@uncg.edu
A. Asa EgerHistoryaaeger@uncg.edu
Greg O'BrienHistorywgobrien@uncg.edu
Linda Hestenes Human Development and Family StudiesLinda_Hestenes@uncg.edu
Mary Morgan Human Development and Family Studiesmymorgan@uncg.edu
Jonathan Tudge Human Development and Family Studiesjrtudge@uncg.edu
Larry Taube Information Systems & Supply Chain*listed amongst others on this page. No dedicated bio page.
Travis L. Hicks Interior*listed amongst others on this page.
Anna Marshall-Baker Interior*listed amongst others on this page.
Amanda GaleInterior Architectureajgale@uncg.edu
Maruja Torres-AntoniniInterior Architecturem_torres@uncg.edu
Susanne Rinner Languages, Literatures, Culturess_rinner@uncg.edu
Carola Dwyer Languages, Literatures, Culturescwdwyer@uncg.edu
Chiaki Takagi Languages, Literatures, Culturesc_takagi@uncg.edu
Ted Shalek Learning*bio page down.
Joseph Erba Managementjrerba@uncg.edu
Bonnie CanzianiMarketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism Managementbonnie_canziani@uncg.edu
Zachary Cole Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism Managementzdcole@uncg.edu
Jiyoung HwangMarketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism ManagementJ_hwang3@uncg.edu
Dianne Welsh Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism Managementdhwelsh@uncg.edu
Erick Byrd Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism Managementetbyrd@uncg.edu
Jonathan Rowell Mathematics & Statisticsjtrowell@uncg.edu
Matthew Barr Media Studiesm_barr@uncg.edu
Aaron S. Allen Music Studiesasallen@uncg.edu
Patricia Gray Music*could not find dedicated bio page.
Daniel Herr Nanosciencedjherr@uncg.edu
Joseph Starobin Nanosciencejmstarob@uncg.edu
Deb Stanford Nursingdebra_stanford@uncg.edu
Keith Erikson Nutritionkmerikso@uncg.edu
Amy Strickland*could not find a bio page
Jigna DharodNutritionjmdharod@uncg.edu
Joe ColePeace & Conflict Studiesjwcole@uncg.edu
Adam RosenfeldPhilosophyamrosenf@uncg.edu
Allison Bramwell Political*listed amongst others on this page.
Ruth DeHoog Political*listed amongst others on this page.
Gregory McAvoy Political*listed amongst others on this page.
Carisa Showden Political*listed amongst others on this page.
Susan Buck Political*listed amongst others on this page.
George Michel Psychologygfmichel@uncg.edu
Mark Schulz Public Health Educationmark_schulz@uncg.edu
Paige Smith Public Health Educationphsmith@uncg.edu
David McDuffie Religious Studiesdcmcduff@uncg.edu
Julia Jackson-Newsom Research & Economic Developmentj_jackso@uncg.edu
Cathryne Schmitz Social Workclschmit@uncg.edu
Bob Wineburg Social Workbob_wineburg@uncg.edu
Meredith PowersSocial*listed amongst others on this page.
Gwendolyn Hunnicutt Sociologygchunnic@uncg.edu
Steve Kroll-Smith Sociologys_krolls@uncg.edu
Stephen Sills*listed amongst others on this page.
Catherine Matthews Teacher Education & Higher Educationcmatthews@uncg.edu
Sarah Dorsey University Librariessarah_dorsey@uncg.edu
Karen GriggUniversity Librariesksgrigg@uncg.edu
Danielle Bouchard Women’s & Gender*listed amongst others on this page.
Sarah Cervenak Women’s & Gender Studiessjcerven@uncg.edu