The Sustainability Office moved in May of 2017 from Mossman Administrative building to our new home in Moran Commons. We were excited to have this brand new space, as well as be so much more visible to all of you using the post office next door and grabbing lunch upstairs! We decided we would like to make the most of it, and came up with our “Make a Show of It” Green Fund proposal. We requested money to have student curators put together shows of the wonderful artists local to our campus and our community that explore Sustainability. We were grateful to receive part of the funding we requested in order to bring to you the two shows outlined below.

Look out for some dates for the shows opening reception and be sure to bring your friends, but for now we are looking far and wide for artist submissions! Whether you are a trained, self-taught, visual, performing, or digital artist please consider submitting your relevant work to one, or both of the shows outlined below!