13th Annual Sustainability Film & Discussion Series

As the longest running program of its kind in the region, the UNCG Sustainability Film & Discussion Series continues to lend voice to environmental, sustainability, and climate issues affecting our community and the world. Join us each month for a new documentary film and discussion. Free.

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August 30 – 6:30 p.m.
Breath of Life, 83 mins. 2015 – Kanopy
Location: Weatherspoon
Discussion leader: Steve Kroll-Smith

Spectacularly photographed in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Hawaii, Breath of Life travels the globe in search of the truth behind what appears to be a looming environmental catastrophe. Everyone is telling us how we are destroying our world. Breath of Life is the only film that shows us why. This stunning documentary transcends the usual experts and captures the mind-bending insight of the world’s greatest evolutionary scientists, down to earth farmers and Hawaiian wisdom keepers. It will change forever the way you view the world and provide a roadmap to the future you can actually use.


September 27 – 6:30 p.m.
Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom, 50 mins. 2018
Location: Weatherspoon
Discussion leader: Kathe Latham

Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom takes us across the country to hear directly from the people making our clean energy future achievable. These individuals are working to rebuild what’s broken, rethink what’s possible, and revitalize communities. These stories are proof that America does not need to choose between keeping our lights on and protecting our communities. Critically, Reinventing Power underscores the notion that we don’t have to sacrifice jobs for a clean environment. Supporting a clean energy future means building a better, more prosperous future for everyone. Over the film’s 50 minutes, you’ll meet people in eight states whose lives were changed by the renewable energy industry while exploring various aspects of the clean energy industry from innovation to installation. Sierra Club.


October 25 – 6:30 p.m.
Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees, 82 mins. 2016
Location: School of Education, Room 118
Discussion leader: Etsuko Kinefuchi

Call of The Forest – The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees is a documentary featuring scientist and acclaimed author Diana Beresford-Kroeger. The film follows Diana as she investigates our profound biological and spiritual connection to forests. Her global journey explores the science, folklore, and restoration challenges of this essential eco-system.


January 31 – 6:30 p.m.
Little Yellow Boots, 95 mins. 2017
Location: Weatherspoon
Discussion leader: TBA

What do we pass on to those who come after us, for both good and for bad? And what difference can one person make in the world? These are the universal questions that occupy director John Webster in this personal cinematic letter to his great-grandchild Dorit, a little girl who will be born in the 2060’s, and who’s little yellow boots will walk on a very different shoreline to the one we knew. The story seamlessly weaves together past, present and future into a beautiful, moving and hopeful documentary film about the power of each of us to make a difference.


February 28 – 6:30 p.m.
Behold the Earth, 68 mins. 2017
Location: TBA
Discussion leader: TBA

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring invigorated the U.S. environmental movement in the 1960s, inspiring rising young scientists like Pulitzer Prize winner E.O. Wilson, Cal DeWitt, and Theo Colborn. Many of these scientists were also raised as evangelicals, part of America’s most influential faith community of the last 75 years. Today, a new generation of scientists and evangelicals are coming of age—people like Katharine Hayhoe, Ben Lowe, and Corina Newsome. Can these emerging leaders reduce the human degradations of our earth? Can they revive the reach and relevance of America’s evangelical and environmental movements? Film director and conservationist David Conover began this film 12 years ago as an inquiry into America’s divorce from the outdoors. Four time Grammy-award winning musician Dirk Powell leads arrangements of traditional American tunes and hymns, with Rhiannon Giddens and Tim Eriksen, and Dirk’s daughters Sophie and Amelia.


March 14 – TBD
Sustainability Shorts Film Competition
Location: Weatherspoon
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Since 2006, more than 5,000 attendees have attended to view 60+ documentary films, ranging in topics from consumerism to waste, agriculture to water, and transportation to energy.  Here are some films that have been shown in the past:

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