What is the Green Fund?

Green Fund
Awardees: Marianne LeGreco, Matt Krieger, and Adam Horton (far right). Holding Green Fund sign former committee member Spencer Schneier.


The Green Fund is a $2.22 student semester fee that supports sustainability initiatives on campus. It is governed by students with assistance from faculty and staff experts. This fund invests in campus infrastructure to help meet the goals of the UNCG Climate Action Plan, while also offering education, research and professional development opportunities for students. Proposals are submitted to the Green Fund and only the student committee members are allowed to vote on which proposals are funded.

How to Get Involved

The Green Fund Committee consists of 3 to 5 at-large positions and representatives from the following organizations:  UNCGreen, the Student Government Association (SGA), Graduate Student Association (GSA), and Residence Hall Association (RHA). To become a Green Fund Advisory Committee member email your resume and a letter of interest to greenfund@uncg.edu.

In addition, a Request for Proposals (RFP) will allow anyone in the UNCG community to submit sustainability project ideas and receive funding if approved. Is there something YOU can do to improve and promote sustainability on campus? Make a proposal!


Approved Spring 2018

Sustainability Shorts Awards – Sarah Dorsey  – $1,000.00

  • Prizes for UNCG Sustainability Shorts Film competition in Spring 2018.

Approved Spring 2017

Sustainability Shorts Awards – Sarah Dorsey  – $1,000.00

  • Prizes for UNCG Sustainability Shorts Film competition in Spring 2017.

Science Everywhere Endangered Species Bags- Rae Ackerman- $394.34

  • Materials for UNCGreen’s booth at Science Everywhere making bags with images of and teaching about endangered species.

Make a Show of It- Maura Conley- $4,400.00

  • Digital equipment and wages for an intern to curate art shows in the new Sustainability Office.

Mobile Oasis Farmers Market – Marianne LeGreco- $2,153.00

  • Wages for a UNCG Student intern at the Mobile Oasis market.

Sustainability Council Conversation Socially Responsible Investing AY17-18- Jorge Quintal- $7,500.00

  • Funds for a graduate student assistant, outside speakers, and additional costs associated with a 4 part conversation series on sustainable investing.

Curry Hot Water Pump Constant Volume to Variable Frequency Drive- $16,800.00

  • Dramatically improving energy efficiency of Hot Water Pump.

Approved Fall 2016

Exterior Lighting LED Retrofit Planning Internship – Jon Soter – $900.00

  • Student internship in Facilities Operations to create a multi-year campus exterior lighting LED retrofit plan.

LED Exterior Lighting Conversion 1A Proposal – Matthew Krieger – $300.00

  • UNCG Facilities Design & Review project review costs for proposed exterior light conversions to LED.

Raspberry Pi Occupancy Study – Jacob Troxler – $4961.00

  • Equipment and student staffers to pilot building occupancy data collection project.

UNCG Pollinator Garden Enhancements – Allison Sermarini – $872.00

  • Additional plants for two existing UNCG pollinator gardens.

Approved Spring 2016

Slow Travel in Italy – Aaron Allen – $1,000.00

  • Travel by boat rather than automobile for students on study abroad trip in summer 2016.

Farm-to-Table Project – Sydney Brianna Copeland – $2,200.00

  • Festive farm-to-table education and celebration dinner in UNCG Fountainview Dining Hall in Spring 2016.

UNCGreen Earth Day Celebration – Rae Ackerman – $5,000.00

  • Campus celebration of Earth Day in Spring 2016.

Foust Park LED Conversion – Matthew Krieger –  $3,938.00

  • Retrofit of all twelve existing exterior lights in UNCG Foust Park with LEDs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (Oakland Deck) – Suzanne Williams – $9,000.00

  • Installation of nine electric vehicle charging stations in the Oakland Avenue parking deck.

UNCG Wetlands Development Project – Malcolm Schug – $8,000.00

  • Partial costs of construction for two wetland features on the UNCG campus in Peabody Park.

Approved Fall 2015

Elementary Adopt-A-Stream – Julia Loreth – $840.78

  • Stream clean up and biological testing at Archer Elementary School.

Sustainability Shorts Awards – Sarah Dorsey – $1,000.00

  • Prizes for UNCG Sustainability Shorts Film competition in Spring 2016.

Mossman Water Refill Station – Adam Horton – $1,250.00

  • Retrofit of drinking fountain in Mossman lobby with water bottle refill fixture.

Sustainable Local Foodscape – Marianne LeGreco – $5,910.00

  • Materials and labor for enhancements to Wernersville Urban Garden.

2 Cisterns are Better than 1 – Erin Yow – $6,000.00

  • Installation of a 2,500 gallon above ground water storage tank collecting roof run-off and air conditioner condensate.

McIver Mall Exterior LED Conversion – Matt Krieger – $9,135.00

  • Retrofit of existing exterior lights along UNCG McIver Mall with LEDs.